Thursday, August 23, 2012


Stories are a powerful tool to convey a message.  And this is not only limited to the personal life, but it also relates in many professional settings. I am discovering more every day that stories is what captivates audiences and make them listen to the work that is happening in the community. Yes- in non-profit/education world we talk a lot about data, numbers, test scores, etc.  But sometimes, we forget to share the stories.

And this is not a new concept, although the way our society is structured and progressing, it has forced us to relearn the old ways.

I have always been interested in the indigenous cultures of the United States and other parts of the Americas.  And one of the most glorious aspects of their cultures that leaves me in awe is their oral memory/retelling of events. They would tell stories ranging from their creation, to life lessons, to passing on information. Although many folks would see this as flawed, I view it as an art form. An art form that is quickly diminishing in this secular, modern world.

Why are stories so powerful? Because it engages emotions, and at the end of the day- we are run by emotions. Emotions are what connects us to this earth, the Creator, our community, our families, ourselves-

We so quickly want to turn on the powerpoint, power up the smart board, whip out the iphone, but sometimes all we need is to sit back on the porch, kick back with tea/coffee, and share stories.

What story will you tell in the next few days?

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  1. I love stories too!! I agree in that they are such an effective and wonderful way to teach/make a point/communicate with others.