Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School year ends

We said goodbye to all of our students on last Thursday at program. They came into program the last day with their hair drenched, sun kissed faces, and sleepy eyes.  Pool day had worn them out!

So as a result, it was a quiet last day. They ate snack, watched movies (or slept during the movie),  ate dinner, and finished their movies.

It was bittersweet moment as many of the kids who departed that day would either be at a different elementary school next year or moving onto middle school. As I watched all of the kids leave with heir families, I remembered what I had said to one of the little first graders who had broken down in tears the day before because she is going to a different elementary school next year- "We are all on a journey and this is the next step for you in your journey! You will keep your friends here and make new friends at your new school."

And it is true.  I know that as I continue in my life journey, I will meet and encounter people who will help to shape who the Creator has destined for me to be. While at times it is bittersweet, it is what makes life meaningful and beautiful.