Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello, Summer!

It is not quite summer yet as the first day of spring is Tuesday, but it sure feels like the start of summer outside.  It was a delight walking to market this morning.  It was a bustling morning with a lot of action-

Tour bus parked on orange street informed me that market was for sure going to be packed. And it was. Not to mention that there is also a large convention in town as well.  There were musicians and dancers celebrating St. Patty's day performing right outside market.  There were also a lot of families and friends sitting on benches, on the ground, munching on local favorites and enjoying the sunshine.  

My landlord also told me that if I want to learn how to garden, that she would teach me!  It really was a beautiful day.

I want to start taking pictures of Lancaster, my home, and memories. Any suggestions for a camera? I need something not too expensive, easy to use, and that takes decent pictures.  

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