Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goals for Summer 2012

  • Learn how to cook one good meal that includes tofu (Rice and Noodles has the BEST fried tofu, so I know it can be done!)
  • Go to an Orioles game
  • Take a trip to Portland to see my two dearest friends- Allyn and Corrie
  • Maintain my plants in the garden (This week I am planting arugula, onions, and radishes)
  • Attend at least one First Thursday Latino event 
  • Take a weekend trip to Baltimore
  • Continue to attend church
List make me happy. Goals make me live with intention. I hope to add to it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello, Summer!

It is not quite summer yet as the first day of spring is Tuesday, but it sure feels like the start of summer outside.  It was a delight walking to market this morning.  It was a bustling morning with a lot of action-

Tour bus parked on orange street informed me that market was for sure going to be packed. And it was. Not to mention that there is also a large convention in town as well.  There were musicians and dancers celebrating St. Patty's day performing right outside market.  There were also a lot of families and friends sitting on benches, on the ground, munching on local favorites and enjoying the sunshine.  

My landlord also told me that if I want to learn how to garden, that she would teach me!  It really was a beautiful day.

I want to start taking pictures of Lancaster, my home, and memories. Any suggestions for a camera? I need something not too expensive, easy to use, and that takes decent pictures.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update on Meat Intake

I posted a few weeks ago how I am trying to cut back on my meat intake. My reasoning for this decision again are the following-

  1. I always thought the idea of eating an animal's flesh was strange. When I was younger, I would sometimes remember in mid-chew what I was eating and I would thoroughly gross myself out.  
  2. As I continue to learn how the meat industry manufactures their products, I am starting to feel more and more uncomfortable with buying their products. That leaves me with the only option of buying local and organic items. I support both buying organically and locally, but it does cost more which I need to be conscious of. And I said a couple posts back, organic does not always mean ethical.
  3. Lastly, it challenges me to try different dishes at restaurants and to cook differently at home. I would have never discovered how delicious chili is made with textured vegetable protein in place of ground turkey or beef! I hope to get this book someday - How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food by Mark Bittman. 

That being said, I am not completely vegetarian by any means. Currently, I am only eating seafood, chicken and turkey. I have not eaten beef or pork for about two weeks now. I no longer buy meat to cook with at home. If I do go to a restaurant, I will usually review their vegetarian options first before seeing what chicken or turkey dishes they have.  And let me just say- many restaurants (especially chain restaurants) do not have diverse vegetarian options. And if they do, it tends to be not as tasty and skillfully prepared as their non-vegetarian options. 

So that is basically my update on this new venture. Because I have dramatically decreased on my meat intake, I am being more intentional about replacing those missing nutrients (i.e. protein, iron, etc.) with other food items such as beans, spinach, eggs, etc.

We will see where this journey takes me. Perhaps, I will eventually become a vegetarian. Right now, that is not my end goal.  My goal is just learning how to cook different meals and become more aware of how my food choices affect my body and my global community.