Friday, February 17, 2012

El se portó bien hoy!

Sometimes when I am frustrated with a project at work or stressing out about an upcoming deadline, I think about why I do the work I do- it is all for the kids! 

And then I start thinking about all of the cutest things kids say that often make me laugh hard so unexpectedly. One of my favorite kids in the program (I know- I shouldn't have favorites... but honestly,who doesn't?) is so comical.  Not only with what he says but his facial expressions that go along with it. 

He knows he is a comedy show-

One night when the kids were getting picked up after dinner, this particular student was sitting at his table right by the door. A mom had come in to pick up her two rambunctious sons.  This student stood up (mind you, he is only 6 years old), pointed at her son and with a really serious face said "El se portó bien hoy!" (Translation: He behaved well today!).  She just stared at him for a second and then started to laugh out loud. I think he might have tried to wink at her (although, I may just be thinking that in my head because it would have been hilarious). Anyway, it is the little events like that, that keeps you going when you forget why you do the work you do.

On another note- I got my modem and router this week in the mail so it is only a matter of time until I have internet at home again!

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