Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Start of Plum Living

Growing up, plums were my favorite fruit. You can ask my mother and she might tell the following story... It happened when I was five. My mother, brother, and I were hanging out in our little condo while my father was working.  My brother was a newborn at the time.  Mom tells me that she is going to take a quick shower. She instructs me not to disturb my brother and to behave.  Apparently, I was pushing her along into the bathroom, assuring her that everything was going to be okay. She could sense I was up to something.  And that something was sneaking a plum out of the fridge (it was almost dinner time) and climbing onto the forbidden exercise bike.  My mom pokes her head out of the bathroom door and she sees me cycling away on the bike while eating my scrumptious plum without a care in the world. Noticing that she had caught me, I jumped off of the bike, ran into the kitchen, and threw my half eaten plum into the fridge. I ask my mom every time she tells the story, is it really that bad that me misbehaving at the age of five consisted of eating fruit and exercising?

As you can see, plums are significant to me. So it is fitting that now nineteen years later, I am sitting in my apartment on Plum Street and writing my first blog post on "Plum Living."

Expert bloggers say you should have a goal when one starts blogging. I don't have any goals in mind.  I just hope this to be a place to write my stories, thoughts and adventures. Nothing more and nothing less.   

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